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iDeliverd is home to solution based integrated digital platforms.

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Building your digital

iDeliverd is a multi-national software and artificial intelligence company providing ingress on-demand digital experience to users through delivery as a service. We believe in a more connected society and continuously explore more advanced systems and human expertise to enhance aptitude.


Result oriented

At iDeliverd we are committed to building digital platform accessible to users around the world, creating a connect opportunities across all sectors and industries. We leverage on delivery as a service to fulfill this commitment. Through our focused and staunch team of professionals, iDeliverd is on the verge of finding methods to be a mile ahead in infusion and fulfilled convenience aimed at keeping our vision vibrant while creating a more digital society.

Technology that meets
every industry’s needs

iDeliverd partners with the industry’s best corporations enabling users access convenience within the neighborhood and beyond, with the main focus being digital capabilities, We have built a culture that connects access from point to point through multiple integrations and IoT (Internet of Things), bringing affordability and seamless experience while empowering businesses to provide unforgettable experience to users through delivery as a service.


Executive team

iDeliverd team members possess vast experience and shares sense of commitment.

Patrick B.

Operations Executive

Robert K.

Business Development

Nasser K.

Product Development

Audrey H.

Finance Executive

Policies & Mission

Our firm policies and objectives spearhead future development and product deliverables.

Service Policy.

Our vision and values are outlined in Consideration of customer service and employee’s wellbeing.

Mission & Objective.

iDeliverd is a future focused digital technology platform with best interest of consumer and business convenience at heart.

Management Structure.

Our management is on matrix structure, this allows our team members exercise expertise across multiple departments.