Technology balancing risk and rewards to deliver convenience.
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iDeliverd AI

Creating innovative, sustainable and efficient company


Through support from our parent company iDeliverd is focused and determined on innovations that delivers convenience.


iDeliverd artificial intelligence enable achievement of maximum competence and ability to provide profound services.


iDeliverd has standard, ethics an methods to maintain and sustain specified level of customer service.

Valued Service from
the AI.

iDeliverd business Artificial Intelligence helps in process automation and data analysis promoting level of engagement between iDeliverd staff and users across all jurisdiction. iDeliverd is service focused therefore, AI enables streamed down time taken to perform complex task with ability to operate independently with minimal downtime.


iDeliverd and
Artificial Intelligence.

iDeliverd AI powers personalized recommendations while shopping in-app or on the web. This process makes it easier for consumers or users to identify recommended products, services subject to region, jurisdiction of previous shopping pattern. This capability goes further to suggest rewards suitable for customers for their engagement and frequency on iDeliverd applications and web apps.

How we deploy AI.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms enable iDeliverd explore and automate verticals.

Machine Learning

iDeliverd uses machine learning predictions to identify irregularities, enhance end to end user experience.

Digital Mapping

AI powered technology enabling accurate distribution of products and services across the globe via IoT, Mobility and location accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence

AI powers products and service delivery allowing our engineers make informed decision enhancing verticals deliverables.