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iDeliverd :: Discover Digital Experience

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Be secured
scams and online fraud.

iDeliverd follows strict international security practice aim at keeping your account and transactions with safe. We
recommend use of strong password combination. Never share personal information or credit card credentials with
unauthorized party. If you notice your account, personal information or credit card has been compromised with transaction
identification IDELIVERD, we highly request you contact our knowledgeable fraud security support team
at: *iDeliverd or its employees are not responsible for loss, but we will do our best to assist you.

Online security rules

iDeliverd has set some rules and precautions which may protect you from fraudulent charge.

Card payment authentication

We may initiate authentication on your
Card transaction. This enable us identify
Fraudulent users on iDeliverd platform.

Machine learning prediction

iDeliverd machine learning prediction
monitor all users transaction pattern
and block any suspicious transaction

Instant refund to card

iDeliverd may instantly refund the card
charged during transaction if we notice
any suspicious activity or charge pattern.