Consumer Protection.

Your safety is assured while transacting within our platforms.
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Online security rules

iDeliverd has set rules and precautions which, may protect you from fraudulent charge.

Card payment

An authentication charge is initiated to enable us identify irregularities.

Machine Learning

iDeliverd machine learning prediction monitor’s transaction pattern.

Instant refund for
card payment.

Transactions are eligible for instant refund when identified as suspicious.

Stay safe from
Scams and Fraudsters

iDeliverd follows strict international security practice aim at keeping your account and transactions safe. We recommend use of strong password combination. Never share personal information or credit card credentials with unauthorized party.


Have you
been compromised?

If you notice your account, personal information or credit card has been compromised with transaction identification IDELIVERD, we highly recommend you contact our fraud support.

Useful contacts

Our support teams normally respond within 1 business day, we will however do our best to attend to fraud issue as a priority.


Report irregularity to our fraud team

Auto refund.

Request refund on your card anytime

Support team

Need assistance, our team will help
Responds in 1-2 business days