Freight Service.

Efficient priority freight and last-mile service through iDeliverdONE app and web.
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Reasons to ship with us

iDeliverd land, air and sea freight offers express and priority services through multiple
channels assuring reliability during shipment process.

Safe and Reliable

Your package is stores in a secure environment until collection/delivery.

Reduced Freight Cost

Pay up to 40% less on shipment when you pick-up at our approved pickup points.

Unmarked Regions

Easy delivery service to regions not reachable through pickup point network.

Customer Experience

Accurate transit times for all international shipments with real-time tracking capability.


Grow your business

Having global ambition, we have the solution access and connect to the global market & expand your business reach via our land, air & sea shipping services.

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International Customs
made easy.

We simplify cross-border shipping through international documents, estimate duties and taxes, search country profiles, harmonized codes and much more.

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EU shipping documentation

From March 1, 2023, we will need to submit additional safety and security data before arrival at customs in the EU or in Northern Ireland, Norway, or Switzerland.

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Last-Mile, optimized
connected Delivery.

Tailor-made solutions to enhance efficiency and customer experience for online business through easy integration to supported quick commerce ordering management platforms and ecommerce stores.

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Integrated Freight Service

Simplified and seamless shipping, ready solution, secure and fast.
We add more power to your business.

For Business

Enhance your delivery process by Integrating iDeliverd freight and last-mile with your commerce for seamless experience.

For Shoppers

Utilize iDeliverd pickup and drop-off points for your order returns or as a delivery point available in over 35+ destinations

Ship with us

Download iDeliverdONE application and experience seamless shipping and secure in-app payment loaded with rewards.

Last-Mile Integration

Integrate with any third party e-commerce or ordering management service
through API for entire automation

Contact Sales to start improving your customers’ experience.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track shipment and get notification via text/email or real-time in-app for quick commerce.

Proof of Delivery

Recipient can get signed or picture proof of delivery for both residential and business deliveries.

Pick-up Points

Packages can be re-directed and held for pickup at any of our authorized pick-up points or retail store partners.

Easy Return Process

Allow easy return process through pick-up points or collection at the delivered address only by our delivery team.