iDeliverd AI

iDeliverd AI

Technology balancing risks and rewards to deliver convenience, creating innovative sustainable and efficient company.


Through support from our parent company, iDeliverd if fully focused on innovations to provide convenience.


iDeliverd has specified standard, ethics and methods to maintain and sustain it’s level of customer service.


iDeliverd Artificial Intelligence enable us achieve maximum competence and ability to provide profound services.

Drone delivery

Drones delivery service

This is a network of autonomously flying drones carrying packages to any desired destination. iDeliverd provide end to end drone delivery solution that's easy, fast and accurate for any delivery. Our system program, control and manage drone delivery on one click. Our iDeliverd TD101 Drones are effective for the following delivery services; Parcel, food, medication and groceries delivery

Self-driving vehicles

Imagine getting into your vehicle, typing or speaking up your Desired destination onto the vehicle’s interface and letting it Drive you. iDeliverd will soon start self-driving car project to Add to its endless list of service convenience. -This project is still under development.

self driving vehicle
machine learning

Machine Learning

iDeliverd platform is secured by machine learning prediction powered core radar enabling intelligent and secure performance and ability to detect irregularities within iDeliverd.

IoT Tracking system

iDeliverd IoT fleet management offers first hand tracking solution, fleet management enabling businesses to track everything from GPS tracking, fuel management, driver behaviors, vehicle management. These features provide instant alert on multiple stops, over speeding, enabling engine cut in case of incase of theft or route deviation.


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