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Low cost, convenient car sharing and rental solution.
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Only pay for the distance travelled during rental time/period.


Cars are available 24/7. Rent for short and longterm usage.

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Use iDeliverd rental app to hire a car in any city or airport

How to rent a car

  • Download iDeliverd RIDE app available in all app stores
  • Find a car near you Real-time car identifier within your city
  • Unlock the car via app Validate our “lock” to access the vehicle
  • Start driving your car Enjoy the privacy of your own car
  • Park at designated parking Find free and safe parking via app

Car rental variety

There are different car in every region. iDeliverd currently provide entry level sedan and hatchback cars in 5 cities for rental with all safety features.

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Not ready to drive, you can access by requesting a ride from our verified drivers partners in your city.

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