iDeliverd :: Discover Digital Experience

iDeliverd :: Discover Digital Experience


Explore rewards
with iDeliverd Money

iDeliverd Money offer cash rewards to users and express payout to partners, riders and drivers, providing easy spend management and track of earnings within the app or via iDeliverd issued Visa/MasterCard.

Seamless Rewards Experience

Manage Money

Set and spend your payout or rewards (*express payout for riders and partners) in-app or via issued iDeliverd cards.

Money Card

Access your rewards or express payouts in-app or at any store's point of sale where Visa/MasterCard is accepted.

Send Money

Share your rewards, payout or available money balance with friends and family through iDeliverd send money.

Solution for personal & Business

Spend your money
in store with iDeliverd Card.

Easier way to access your in-app money balance to purchase the most basic essentials at any store, or access cash at any ATM, (*ATM access, subject to authorized jurisdiction only) giving you power to be in control of your money, reward or payout spend.

Access your money
via virtual or physical card

Instantly access your money rewards or express payout (*for partners, riders and riders only) through issued iDeliverd physical or virtual cards, redeemable in-app, at any ATM where Visa or MasterCard is accepted, approved point of sale or spent online.

iDeliverd Pay
Partners Integrated Platform

iDeliverd Pay, enables partners accept payment in person or on the move. This service extends in-person checkout via iDeliverd terminals. Our card reader provide end-to-end encryption, natively supports chip card and contactless payment, including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay* turn on platform users points to iDeliverd Money.

Frequently Asked Questions

iDeliverd Money may be spent in-app or at any store where Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
You may need to provide a valid government issued ID document, proof of address.
Your security is our priority concern, we use deep learning predictions to authenticate and verify activities.
You can receive iDeliverd Money via rewards, gift card, direct credit from customer support.
You may activate your card in the app or by signing in to your iDeliverd account.
iDeliverd Money do not charge any transaction fee when you spend your Money balance.
Go to Payment, go to add money, insert amount, select payment method, then purchase to redeem value.
We keep it simple and charge standard 2.9% per iDeliverd Pay transactions through the terminals.

Discover iDeliverd
supplementary rewards

iDeliverd reward programs are customized to enable users do more with what they have. Our rewards include, virtual and physical cards (*subject to approval), loyalty points, partners’ rewards and cash back, accessible in-app and available to active users.