Get paid globally,
No hidden charges.

Modern way to access your funds and get paid globally through iDeliverd money. We have made digital banking a reality by enabling single point of transaction through our digital internet banking and in-app funds access and transfer.

Seamless money experience

Global account

Open your account in any currency. No minimum balance required

Personal Card

Pin enabled physical card to access your funds anywhere, anytime

Money Transfer

Secure global money transfer to any account through secret code system

Accept Payments

Get paid from anywhere in the world through transfer, paypal, card or bitcoin

Zero Monthly Fee

Only pay for the transactions processed. No monthly account maintenance fee

Access to Capital

Get capital to start or run your business with zero interest, available in all currencies

Solution for personal & business

Global personal account to access your funds from ATM and POS

Open iDeliverd Money personal account in any currency and start receiving payments, move money between accounts, pay utilities, buy online and access your money anywhere, anytime using iDeliverd issued Visa Card.

Get paid from anywhere and access your funds whenever you are

Corporate, Startup, freelancer or you intend reaching more clients across the world, sign-up for iDeliverd Money checking account and

Accept payments at your store with iDeliverd Card Reader

Extend your in-person online and offline checkout with iDeliverd POS. Our card reader provide end-to-end encryption, natively support chip card and contactless payments including apple pay and google pay. Need iDeliverd POS, Contact Us today

"Information technology is changing rapidly so as our approach to ways of meeting our clients expectations. Every plan we make, and every implementation is driven to the desire to continuously and effectively deliver convenience around the world. We are elated to provide financial services to our partners and customers with one focus, enhance global scope."

Patrick Brian
Co-Founder, iDeliverd

Frequently Asked Questions

iDeliverd money provide digital banking platform for individuals, startups and enterprises globally.
You will need a valid government issued ID (Driver’s License and Passport only), proof of residence and company documents (for businesses).
Your security is our number one priority, we use https on all browsers, sms or secret code system to authenticate transactions.
We use your identification document to verify we are dealing with a natural person or legal business.
You may activate your card from your internet banking portal or from the app.
You may block and order a new card by logging into your banking or email: with your account number.
Yes, iDeliverd money provide you with monthly account statement, you can download from your internet banking.
We keep it simple and charge just 2.9{c144124348d33ef72eaeb049ce34f9febe5524a14766a1696607315300590b23} per transaction.
iDeliverd Money services is available in the USA, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa only.


iDeliverd Money, banking services and cards are provided through members of the FDIC, verified Visa partners and supported by world’s best financial industry partners.

Open iDeliverd app, tap iDeliverd Money, tap add on top right, add the amount you wish to fund then select payment channel/add card, then Add Money.
Open iDeliverd app, tap iDeliverd Money, tap activate card. You may also activate your card via iDeliverd Money internet banking (for verified account holders.)
By partnering with iDeliverd Money, you create an ideal and seamless environment for easy access to funds, secure transactions, multiple financial options.

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